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Sangam is situated in Pune which is about 4 hours on the train from Mumbai.  If you're not sure about the journey, you can arrange to be met at the airport, your journey organised, and you can be met at the station and taken to Sangam.

  Sangam is an oasis of peace in an otherwise hectic Indian enviroment. This is an excellent place to discover Indian culture - you can learn how to wear a sari, have your hand painted with mehendi, see a Hindi movie, try your hand at drawing rangoli designs and experience a traditional Maharastrian meal eaten off a banana leave whilst sitting on the floor!  Sangam offers many different programmes throughout the year.

You may like to join the 'Tour of India' after your stay at Sangam to see a bit more of the country, including the breathtaking Taj Mahal.


Visit Sangam's website or email them for further information: